Tips for Using Frozen Vegetables

1. Choose bags over boxes. 

Pour only what you need instead of defrosting the entire box = Less food waste.

2. Use them straight from the freezer. 

In recipes that can handle the extra moisture, such as pastas, risotto, soups, sauces and curries – you can add the frozen vegetables right away!

3. Thaw 1st if your dish doesn’t need excess moisture.

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Egg dishes (think: frittatas and quiche), pizza, and savory pies and tarts can easily turn soggy and loose when frozen vegetables are added before thawing.

4. Don’t buy bagged vegetables if it feels as though they are in one solid block.

This means that they likely defrosted in transit and refroze – degrading the quality and nutrition of the vegetables.

5. Roast vegetables straight from the freezer.

The secret is an easy, three-step method that guarantees roasted perfection every time: Use plenty of fat, preheat the baking sheet, and turn the oven temperature up extra high.