Enjoy a Healthy and Guilt-Free Thanksgiving in 2020!

Wishing all our members a safe and happy Thanksgiving! These tips from our Registered Dietitians can help you choose healthy foods to enjoy on Thanksgiving, without any extra guilt and stress on your plate!

  • Don’t stress about sticking to a “perfect” diet or following strict “diet rules”. One day of eating differently won’t undo all the healthy habits you put in place!
  • Skipping meals to “save your calories” for later can lead to overeating and feeling uncomfortably full. Instead, eat a nourishing breakfast or lunch before your Thanksgiving meal.
  • Choose the foods you love! We all have holiday favorites that we must have. Savor your food and eat until you are comfortably full. Listen to your body and don’t push yourself past the point of being full.
  • If you are watching your blood sugar, choose low-sugar or sugar free beverages. Water infused with fruit and flavored seltzer water are great non-alcoholic choices. If you drink alcohol, try mixing it with more seltzer and less juice.
  • Don’t forget the veggies! Brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, beets, squash, and broccoli are all delicious fall vegetables that are full of vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • Try a healthy spin with your favorite baked goods. In many recipes, you can substitute applesauce or mashed banana for sugar, Greek yogurt for butter, or olive oil or mashed avocado for vegetable oil.
  • Instead of eating all of the desserts, pick a few to taste and decide on the most delicious one to have a full portion of. Save the other tasty choices for leftovers.
  • Stay active over the holidays. Go for a walk with your family, have a dance party at home, or try a new exercise video or class online.
  • The holidays, especially this year, can be very hectic and stressful. Focus on getting enough sleep, make time for the things you enjoy that help you relax and reduce stress. Mental, emotional, and physical health are all equally important.
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