Refill Your Medication

During this outbreak of COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus, we at the Health Centers are working hard to ensure that we can deliver you the safest possible care! To do that, we want to make sure that we minimize your time spent in the Health Center whenever possible. It is strongly recommended that you contact us by one of the 3 methods below to request your refills 48 hours in advance to help us limit your time spent in the Pharmacy.

Through the App

Use the RefillPro App, found on iOS and Android phones. Enter your Health Center’s phone number and click Order Refills. Scan the barcode of the medication you wish to refill so that we may process your request.

Through Your HappyHealthyMe Patient Portal

Log in to your patient portal account at and go to the My Medications section under My Health Record and request your refills.

Over The Phone

By phone through our Automated Refill System. Call the Health Center and follow all prompts to refill your medication to the center from which you first received it.

  • Brooklyn Health Center: (718) 858-7201
  • Harlem Health Center: (646) 981-9400
  • Midtown Health Center: (212) 247-7760
  • Queens Health Center: (718) 361-5105
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