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About Patient Services

All offsite referrals are coordinated with Patient Services without you having to come into the office. Once the provider places a referral for you, our team will be notified to begin working on coordinating your services. Our staff will reach out to you by phone within 10 business days to schedule your appointment with a participating provider. Multiple visits may be on one authorization form, please ask the clerical staff for more detail. Once completed, referrals will be sent directly to your offsite providers office! A copy of your referral will also be sent straight to your patient portal at You can call us with questions at any time at 1-718-606-FUND (3863), extension 4135 or message us through your HappyHealthyMe patient portal.

How can I retrieve an offsite referral?

Referrals will be sent directly to the offsite provider’s office. A copy of your referral will also be sent straight to your patient portal at

How long will it take me to receive my referral?

You should expect a call from one of our patient services representatives to coordinate your offsite appointment date, time, and location within 10 business days. Appointments are subject to availability to offsite providers.

How will I receive updates regarding my referral?

Once your referral is approved, you will receive a call to coordinate your appointment.

Can I reschedule my referral?

Yes! You can reschedule directly with your offsite provider’s office.

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