Optimize Your Care

Help us communicate your medical needs with outside providers to optimize your health care.
Talk to your care team today about signing the authorization to release your medical records.
If you have any questions, or want to discuss how to request your medical records, please do not hesitate to call the medical record department.

Q. How can I obtain my medical records?

A. We can prepare a copy of your medical records at any one of our Health Centers. Fill out an authorization to release your medical records. Please be as specific as possible in requesting this information ahead of time. You may contact our medical record departments at:

Phone Number:
1-718-606-FUND (3863)

E-Mail: HIM@HotelFunds.org

Q. Why should I authorize the release of my medical information?

A. By signing the authorization here you release your medical records to your new care team, allowing us to communicate your medical history to ensure that you have a smooth transition of care.

Q. Who will receive my medical information?

A. Your medical history will only be shared with the party identified by YOU.

Q. How much of my record will be shared?

A. You can outline time-frames and other specifics on the consent form for what you would, and would not like us to share.

Q. Why should I opt-in to release behavioral health/HIV records?

A. Because it will allow your new care team to have a full picture of your health.

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