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If you need a reminder of your password, or want to reset it, call the Consumer Care team at 1-800-557-9249.

Your new password must be at least six (6) characters long. Additionally, we recommend you use a combination uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers.

Memorize your password or write it down and store in a locked, safe place.



Use unusual words you can remember: Use unusual words or terms that you      can easily remember, but others can’t guess. For example, favorite foods, movie titles, sayings or expressions, sports terms, or things you remember from childhood, are all good ideas for passwords. For example, strawberryshortcake.

  • Use uppercase letters: Add uppercase letters (A – Z) for a more complex password. For example, StrawberryShortcake.
  • Use special characters: Use underscores ( _ ) to add even more complexity or to replace spaces. For example, Strawberry_Shortcake.
  • Add numbers: Add numbers (0 – 9) for a more complex password. Use one you can remember, like your favorite number. For example, StrawberryShortcake7.
  • Replace letters with numbers: You can also use numbers to replace letters. For example, you could take an everyday word or phrase, preferably one that’s meaningful and memorable to you (but one that no one else would guess you’d use), and replace parts of it with uppercase  letters, numbers, or underscores. For example, instead of the word watermelon, you could use W4t3rm3L0n.