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Welcome to our patient portal, Happy Healthy Me! If this is your first time registering, welcome to your portal. This page is full of information, health and wellness tips, and more! We look forward to providing you with the best care and the best patient portal you could ask for.

With your Happy Healthy Me Patient portal, you will be able to access your health information when you need it.

  • Receive information regarding your offsite referrals.
  • Direct Book appointments with your primary care provider to fit your schedule.
  • Access information from your medical records.
  • View lab results* and your doctor's comments without needing to come in to the center.
  • Request medication refills without the need to schedule an appointment with your doctor.
  • Message your care team with questions to get fast and convenient answers.

* Some of the results will not be displayed. Ask your doctor for more information.

If you haven't registered before, please follow this link: https://happyhealthyme.iqhealth.com/self-enroll/

STEP 1 – Confirm your identity.

STEP 2 – Agree to keep your account private and click the blue button.

STEP 3– Complete the create account section:

Step 4 - If you have previously created an account, this pop up will let you know that the e-mail has already been used.  If you have forgotten your password, click here to learn how to reset your password.

Step 5 - After creating an account, you will receive a code in your e-mail and the below screen will pop up.  Type in the code in the box and your account will be created!


Also, please download our HappyHealthyMe Mobile Application, HealtheLife. When prompted to choose an organization, please choose Employee Benefit Funds.

Feel free to leave us a message below, but if you just want an invitation to the patient portal, click the photo here:  slide_two_bg

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